I am mostly using this section to post updates on eligibility and to catalogue locations that have had surplus.

Choctaw Nation in Oklahoma have opened eligibility to anyone old enough who would like to be vaccinated (i.e. 16/18yo). They have a lot of availability for anyone willing to drive to OK for a day trip. (Their Durant location is closest, at 1hr30mins from Dallas)

The Chickasaw Nation in Oklahoma is still giving shots for anyone, regardless of status or state. They have a location 1.5 hours away from DFW and there's still slots open for today! Don't be discouraged by the fact that

I'm currently testing this one out, but so far seems legit. I texted the number and received automated texts (screen shots of this included in post). Several people in the DFW group say it's worked for them so who knows! (Also including pics of those posts below).

Personal friend of mine reached out to me saying she was able to grab an extra TODAY by doing this! Try it out for yourself, maybe it will work for you too. Maybe it was a 1 time fluke. Worth a shot.

I called and confirmed over the phone for the Midlothian and Mansfield location - YES they are taking down names for cancelled/no-show appointments. ANYONE can be placed on this list, no eligibility requirement. They only ask for the following:

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