General Resources

Vaccine Spotter 

LINK: Vaccine Spotter

ABOUT: This site scans numerous retail pharmacy chains for appointment availability every minute - so you don't have to!

Facebook Group: DFW Covid Vaccine Finder

LINK: DFW Covid Vaccine Finder

ABOUT: There's misinformation at times because yes this is a crowdsourced group. BUT lots of updates and tons of people who are willing to help and answer questions. Take things you find here with a grain of salt.

The people who run this fb group have also set up a sister site that hosts info as well, you can access their Covid Vaccine Helper site here.

TX DSHS: COVID-19 Vaccine Allocations

LINK: DSHS Vaccine Allocations

ABOUT: This Government page lists all COVID-19 vaccine allocations for Texas. Allocation lists are added weekly, and they detail 1) which locations are receiving the vaccine 2) how much they are receiving 3) and which type(s) of the vaccine they are receiving.

Vaccine Hunter


ABOUT: This website is a search engine for locating COVID-19 Vaccine online groups (such as the DFW Covid Vaccine Finder facebook group). You can search by +state, +platform, and then type the city you want in the search bar. This is a GREAT resource for helping your non-Dallas-resident friends & family.

Example Search:   +MA   +Facebook Group   +Boston

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