Ways NON-eligible persons are able to get the vaccine

UPDATE: As of Monday, March 29, 2021, everyone age 16 and older is now eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine in Texas.

That being said, the below information is no longer as relevant. However, you can still use this information to be aware of vaccine pop-up and surplus events happening.

Below is Old / Archived Info on Non-eligible Opportunities  

The only way NON-eligible persons can get vaccinated is by...

  1. volunteering for a vaccination site
  2. signing up for EOD waitlists (this is so that extra doses don't get thrown away)
  3. showing up at sites that have a surplus (we are finding these out via word of mouth mostly)
  4. traveling slightly further to an ALL eligible site

Doublecheck what qualifies as eligible under 1b here  

The most sure way to get the shot is to volunteer. Many vaccination sites will vaccinate volunteers once they've worked a minimum hr requirement. 2nd best way is to sign up for "end of day" waitlists that call you last minute to use left over shots that would otherwise go in the trash. Just make sure you keep your phone on you and are ready to be on site within an hours notice.

There have also been numerous word-of-mouth surplus opportunities that have popped up every so often. You can keep an eye out for talk of these within the DFW Covid Vaccine Finder facebook group, but be aware that you're always taking a chance that it won't work out for you.

Another way you can be in the know about vaccine surplus opportunities is by following County government pages on Facebook, below are the links to the pages I follow:

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