DFW Covid Vaccine Resource

Helpful info & links specific to DFW Texas

About This Resource

This website is not run by government or health officials - this was simply put together as a labor of love by a Texas citizen wanting to help make this process easier for others. Please always refer to what is advised by your health professionals, the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS), and the CDC. 

My mission in creating this website is simply to help others. I do not gain any profit from this, nor would I ever want to! I just want more people safe and less people lost. I want to be clear in saying that I do not advocate for "jumping ahead in line". However, I do believe that a shot in the arm is always better than a shot in the trash. 

I try my best to only share resources & information that I have personally vetted and that are factual (as opposed to hypothetical or anecdotal). I will try my best to keep this website up to date, but I encourage everyone to seek things on their own as well and to use this as a starting point.

Best of luck to you & those you love

Thank you for making Texas citizens safer by getting vaccinated


Choctaw Nation in Oklahoma have opened eligibility to anyone old enough who would like to be vaccinated (i.e. 16/18yo). They have a lot of availability for anyone willing to drive to OK for a day trip. (Their Durant location is closest, at 1hr30mins from Dallas)

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